What Medical Conditions Affect Memory?

Certain medical conditions can cause serious memory problems. These problems should go away once a person gets treatment. Medical conditions that may cause memory problems to include tumors; cancers are associated with cognitive and behavioral changes.

These can occur through local effects of a tumor (for example by invading or compressing brain tissue) or as a result of tumor effects on the immune system in which antibodies against the brain are formed, producing a “paraneoplastic syndrome”, blood clots, or infections in the brain, some thyroid, kidney, or liver disorders, head injury, such as a concussion from a fall or accident even one that seemed less serious, can be followed by significant cognitive problems. When this is due to a concussion, symptoms usually improve over time with supportive care. A limited post-traumatic bleed inside the skull can interfere with cognitive functioning by leading to a collection of blood called a subdural hematoma., medication side effects.

HIV (AIDS) virus can cause progressive dementia. The symptoms of HIV dementia include motor slowing, memory impairment, and personality changes.

Before the introduction of highly active antiretroviral therapy, dementia secondary to HIV infection of the brain was a common neurological manifestation of HIV. Today, HIV dementia is rare in patients who are being treated but may still occur in some patients. Patients who are unaware of their HIV-status are, particularly at high risk.

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